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How to get to the apartment rentals in Corniglia, Cinque Terre

Punto Fijo GPS Stella Marina: N 44° 7’ 12’’ E 9°42’32,9’’

For those coming by TRAIN:

http://marmolejo.org/?sryvparawi=conocer-personas-de-turquia&ed9=4a from the railway station of Corniglia there is a short staircase leading to the main road.
From here you have three possibilities:

  1. You can take the green ecological bus of the National Park of Cinque Terre to the main square of Corniglia; departure is timed in connection with most trains arriving at the station. The bus service ends at 8:00 p.m. You need to pay for this service, but it is free if you have the railway pass “Cinque Terre Card”
  2. Another alternative is walking along the same road where the bus drives, arriving at the main square in Corniglia in about 15 minutes.
  3. Alternatively the town can be reached by climbing the steep staircase “Lardarina” (380 steps), which you can reach by a pedestrian path on the left and parallel to the train tracks, it will take you about 20 minutes walking. 

Ewing After you arrived at the main square in Corniglia, where the ecological bus also parks, you will see an ATM machine.
For those arriving on foot, both from the road and from the staircase “Lardarina”, as soon as you arrive at the square you have to turn left, passing under a stone portal.
You climb two steps, then turn to your right and proceed along a small path,On the right you glimpse an old well, which you pass by and walk until you reach the door of the house (which is on your right and you need to climb four steps in order to open it).

For the ones coming by bus or by car, you find the ATM on your right hand side and in front of you the already mentioned stone portal.
After you open the main glass door at the end of the path, you find a door on the ground floor, a door on the first floor and a door on the second floor: you have just arrived at the apartment “Stella Marina” in Corniglia. 

For those coming by CAR

follow the instruction given in the previous section.
When you arrive in Corniglia, 200 Meters before the town you will be stopped at a checkpoint for the National Park, where you will be informed that you may only pass for a short duration.
You can park in the town square for only a few minutes, just enough time to unload your luggage.
After that, you have to exit the town again to find a parking place on the other side of the checkpoint.
As it is always difficult to park in Corniglia, we suggest you to leave your car for free at Hotel Clelia in Deiva Marina, where you in any case need to go in order to collect the keys of the apartment, and then continue by train.